Software I use, and other things I recommend.

Here’s a list of all of my favorite stuff.

Development tools

  • Visual Studio Code (with Vim)

    Over the past few years, I have tried switching away from VS Code but I keep coming back - it’s just super convenient and gets the job done without fiddling around too much.

  • Alacritty

    Love using this terminal in combination with tmux - it’s blazing fast!

  • SourceTree

    Use it for viewing the Git graph - and for rebasing branches. Yes, I like to keep the Git tree flat and clean.


  • Alfred

    It’s not the newest kid on the block but it’s still the fastest. The Sublime Text of the application launcher world.

  • Arc

    Switched over to the new web browser in town. No regrets so far.

  • Focus

    Simple tool for blocking distracting websites when I need to just do the work and get some momentum going.